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The basics of trading commodity, index, share, crypto, ETFs, and currency CFDs

Let's get started

Here's a quick overview of our trading platform, the fundamentals of trading CFDs, and the many helpful services we provide you. You can also get in touch with client support at any time.

Opening your iFOREX account

  • Register now

    Click the "Register" button

  • Provide your details

    Provide your details

  • Make a deposit to activate your account

    Make a deposit to activate your account

Ready to open your first CFD trading deal?

  • Select an instrument and a deal slip will appear

    Select an instrument and a deal slip will appear

  • Select “Sell” (short) or “Buy” (long)

    Select “Sell” (short) or “Buy” (long)

  • Select your preferred deal size

    Select your preferred deal size

  • Click “Deal”

    Click “Deal”

Stop Loss and Take Profit limits are two helpful tools you can use to automatically close your deal when it reaches a pre-set price level.

What are CFDs?

CFD is an abbreviation of Contract For Difference. Trading CFDs allows you to invest in the price movement of your chosen instrument, without taking material possession of it. Each contract is different per instrument. For example:

CFD type
1 contract
Coffee Coffee
The price of 1 kilogram of coffee
Silver Silver
The price of 1 ounce of silver
The price of 1 US Dollar

Trading with Leverage

You can use leverage to magnify your trading power, essentially opening a large deal with a relatively small initial investment.
Leverage amounts can hit up to 400 times the initial investment, and vary according to the chosen instrument.

Need a visual? Leverage can turn an investment of $500 into a trade worth $200,000.

Trading with Leverage

Important note on leverage: while it can boost your trading power, leverage also increases risk, so it’s recommended that you use it only once you're understand how to trade strategically with leverage.

Negative Balance Protection:
at iFOREX, we employ Negative Balance Protection on every trade to ensure that you never lose more than your initial investment. In other words, your account is prevented from ever going into the minus.

Enhance your trading knowledge

At iFOREX, you’ll find many helpful tools and educational resources for traders of all levels.

  • 1-on-1 training

    1-on-1 trainingUse a live training session with a trading coach to develop your own strategies and learn the market at your own pace.

  • iFOREX Mobile Trading App

    iFOREX Mobile Trading AppOpen and close deals and enjoy important updates and alerts on-the-go with our free app.

  • A $5,000 Demo Account

    A $5,000 Demo AccountTry out opening and closing deals risk-free before you trade with real money.

  • Educational resources

    Educational resourcesExplore our collection of financial PDFs, video tutorials and a variety of articles on relevant topics.

  • News and analysis

    News and analysisStay up-to-date with vital market info and reports.

  • Trading tools

    Trading toolsOptimise your trading experience with the economic calendar, trading signals, and more