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Learn how to use leverage to take advantage of trading index CFDs


iFOREX makes it possible for clients who were once excluded from market access, to invest in major market indices, a popular mode of investment for almost a century. Powered by highly innovative technology, our trading platform allows you to choose from a wide array of tradeable financial instruments in the form of CFDs, including some of the market’s most important indices.

Trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs for short) is a way for investors to invest in the price movement of various financial instruments including indices, commodities, shares, and more, without owning the underlying asset. CFD instruments follow the price movements of tradeable products, such as futures contracts, and give investors the ability to take advantage of market trends using tools and trading strategies such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and many others.

Indices Exchange Rate

Take a look at some of today's top-performing indices:

Current rates reflect the sell price of each index
See a complete list of all the indices available to trade at iFOREX.


One popular feature of CFD trading is the ability to use leverage, a trading tool that magnifies your trading power by up to 200 times. Leverage increases opportunity as well as risk, so make sure you use it strategically.

Benefits of CFD trading at iFOREX

  • Invest in some of today's best-known market indices without the need to physically own the asset.
  • Magnify your trading potential with leverage up to 200:1. (Leverage amounts depend on local regulations).
  • Open deals on index CFDs with competitive spreads to help reduce portfolio costs.