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Non-leveraged products

Trade leading cryptocurrency and share CFDs with lowered risk

Non-leveraged products

Non-leveraged products are traded as margin:deal size (a 1:1 ratio) and for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and shares such as Aston Martin, easyJet, Intel and more. Trading the world’s leading shares and cryptocurrencies with no leverage, gives you new ways to diversify your investment portfolio and to execute long-term trading opportunities at lowered costs.

Non-leveraged products we offer

Here are the live rates of some of our Non-leveraged assets:

Numbers reflect the bid price of the asset.
You can browse other iFOREX's Non-leveraged assets here.

Trading Non-leveraged products as CFDs

Traders who invest in CFDs can choose to Buy or Sell products with relative ease in fast execution.
Shares traded as CFDs can also be bought or sold in fractions, as well as offering cryptocurrency transactions in a more secure environment than an exchange.
CFDs are available in a wide array of markets and categories, and can be traded without the need to own or store them.

Features of Non-leveraged trading

  • Traders seeking longer-term investments can utilize non-leveraged products to reduce risk and lower exposure in their portfolio.
  • Traders can buy an asset and keep it for a very long time as Overnight financing charges do not apply to Long positions on Non-leveraged products.