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Take advantage of the share prices of the world's most popular brands by using leverage to multiply the size of your deals by up to 20 times. The iFOREX trading platform provides traders with a streamlined, easy-to-use trading experience, with exceptional realtime market updates to take advantage of opportunities as they happen, and a wide variety of trading tools for added insight into investment opportunities.

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Did you know?

  • Share price trading allows you to take advantage of share prices without buying the physical asset.
  • You can now access the markets and invest in shares from anywhere in the world.
  • Using leverage can increase your trading power by up to 20 times.

Why trade share CFDs at iFOREX?

  • Trade the price movements of some of today's biggest companies using leverage.
  • Diversifying your portfolio with the wide variety of shares that iFOREX offers will reduce your risk.
  • Trading share prices allows you to trade on price movements in both directions: whether the markets are up or down.